5 June 2000


The United Nations is privileged to participate in Bangladesh’s celebration of World Environment Day, 2000. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, "2000: The Environment Millennium - Time to Act", is an urgent appeal to each and every one of us to renew our commitments to cherish and respect the planet that sustains us. As we enter the new millennium, our continued efforts will be needed to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for future generations. The observance of this day also helps with focus on manner in which humanity is imperiling its own habitat and to emphasize the urgent need to change attitudes and behaviours to safeguard our environment.

This day creates a unique opportunity to bring together people from all over the world to make pledges and commitments to protect, preserve and regenerate our environment and ecosystem. Let us mark today by make sincere pledge to achieve this goal. We in the United Nations, interpret this theme of the year as the integration of environmental thinking into the mainstream of decision-making relating to poverty alleviation, agriculture, trade, investment, infrastructure, research and development being the best chance for effective action. Therefore, we need to work towards building their capacity for protecting and managing the environment, while ensuring sustainable development in the country.

The United Nations system in Bangladesh is already well-placed to support this challenge in the coming years to ensure sustainable environment management, judicious use of natural resources and physical environment and support to the formulation of appropriate peoples' right based policies and regulatory framework, as well as helping Bangladesh to meet its commitments to the global environmental agenda.

Thank you.

Andre Klap
Acting Representative
United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh



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