TechTransfer-2002: Bangladesh

The International Convention for Technology, Investment, Entrepreneurship

January 18-20, 2002

Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Organizer: TechBangla
Co-organizer: UN-APCTT (United Nations Asian & Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology)
Co-Sponsor: DCCI (The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries)

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Technology Leap of Bangladesh

With its vast plain fertile agricultural land, huge natural gas reserve and intellectual leaning, the country is about to leapfrog into the global technology partnership of the new millennium.

The key factors that make Bangladesh such a fertile ground for technological growth and partnership are:

  • Recently, with the application of foreign technology, Bangladesh has become a leading exporter of garments and knit wears in the USA and EU.  However, she imports 90% of the fabrics and other supporting materials from abroad.  Now she is striving for developing the backward linkages of the established garment industry.
  • The government has eliminated duty and taxes on all capital goods, including computer hardware and software.  Foreign investment of 100% ownership is allowed in Export Processing Zones (EPZs).  Return of investments can be as high as 100% in less than three years in many sectors.  Joint-venture projects need no prior approval of the governments. Bangladesh enjoys GSP status and with a value addition of 35% and above all exports have the advantage of duty free entry in the USA.
  • Bangladesh government has declared IT and Agri-based industries as the major thrust sector and allocated special investment fund for Joint-Venture projects. 
  • Bangladesh is a country of 130 million people.  NGOs like Grameen, BRAC, Proshika, are bringing the remotest villages into the worldwide communication systems and opening up huge possibility of bringing all into worldwide partnership.
  • Substantial body of talented and educated but unemployed youth is ready to be mobilized into the soldiers of the technology revolution.
This is the high time to join in with your technology.

The Event: TechTransfer-2002: Bangladesh

Programs of the Convention: 

  1. Presentation of Tech-Preneurial Projects Implementable in Bangladesh
  2. Technology (and Tech-Catalogue) Display by Companies and Suppliers (No consumer goods or durables)
  3. Display of financing and investment organizations
  4. Entrepreneurs' Workshop
  5. Policy discussion on Technology, Investment and Entrepreneurship
  6. Technologist-Investor-Entrepreneur (TIE) Interactions

Participating groups: 

1.  Manufacturers and Industry representatives.

2.  Technologists, Investors and Entrepreneurs (TIEs) from Bangladesh and abroad

3.  Technology companies and suppliers from all over the world

4.  Various Technological Institutions and NGOs

4.  Planners and managers

5.  Government of Bangladesh representatives

6.  Young participants interested in technology, investment and entrepreneurship 

Technological Fields in which Transfers are Most Prospective 

  • Garment & Textile Technology Backward Linkages
  • Agro-, Food- & Bio-Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Energy, Power & Natural Gas based technology
  • Electronics & Light Industries
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Environmental technology

Technology Trade Show:  

"TechTransfer-2002: BD" Invites Leading Technological Companies and Suppliers to: 

  • INTERACT with Bangladeshi investors and entrepreneurs
  • SELL or LICENSE a technology (no buy or sell on site)
  • DISPLAY technologies
  • ADVERTISE for technologies & investments in the convention-souvenir, and
  • SPONSOR  the convention

Presentation of Papers, Workshops and Posters 

"TechTransfer-2002" Invites Technologists, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Policy makers to present papers, proposals, workshops, and/or posters on Technology, Investment, Entrepreneurship issues - in any of the previously mentioned areas. 

TT2002: BD emphasizes on: 

Implementable Technologies seeking Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial projects seeking investments
Entrepreneurial projects seeking technologies

Lecture slots are 15 minutes, plus 5 minute QA session.  Workshops, Panel, and Round Table discussions are limited to two hours.  Poster boards measure 120 cm high by 90 cm wide and will accept thumb tacks.  An abstract of not more than 200 words, must be submitted on or before 30 November 2001 by email, usual post or fax to the TechBangla office address below. An electronic copy of the FULL PAPER should be submitted by email on or before 30 December, 2001.  

Contact Us at:

TechTransfer-2002: Bangladesh
TechBangla, House 90, Road 11/A,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.
Tel: (880-2-913-4947), Fax: (880-2-911-4747), Email:
Please check this website for updated information and program schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TT2002: BD


Q. Who Should Participate?

A. OEMs, Technology suppliers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, Policy Makers; & Technology Institutions should participate.  

Q. What is "TIE" ?

A.  For TechBangla the acronym TIE stands for Technologists, Investors and Entrepreneurs - the key players of Technology Transfer, Industrialization and Development.  It provides a powerful message in our slogan "Tie the TIEs". 

Q. Why should I Participate?

A. The convention provides an unparallel platform for networking with TIEs, related organizations and resources.  It allows to present your ideas in front of large captive audience who are serious about their plans and goals.  It is an ideal place to learn, share, make partners and make deals. 

Q.  How do I Participate?

A. You can present in the lecture, workshop, panel or poster session.  You can display your invented or innovated technology, state of the art machine, equipment or any capital good in the display facility.  You may advertise and promote your company, organization or institution in the convention souvenir and banner.  You may also have a great participation by just as an interactive audience and watcher. 

Q. Is TechTransfer a Trade Show?

A. Yes and no.  Trading of technologies is one of the chief objectives of the convention; however, trading of consumer goods and durables are not. Although, one may seek such business opportunities at the convention without affecting the main objectives. 

Q.   What is "TechTransfer" ?

A.   By Technology Transfer (or "TechTransfer") we mean transferring the know-how of manufacturing a product or developing a service to the extent of acquiring the capability of modifying and developing it further by the transferee; not merely getting the technoware, humanware, infoware, organware and running them "successfully" on turn-key basis.

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