News on Agriculture

  • BARI, Syngenta sign MOU for seed research
    Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) an Syngenta Bangladesh Limited signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday for development of seeds and improved farm technologies including mechanisation...
  • Jute can be used to produce wood substitutes
    Experts at a workshop yesterday said jute can be used to produce wood substitute for making doors, windows, chairs, tables, and a number of gadgets for vehicles including railway coaches....
  • Workshop on GIS activities begins
    A two-day workshop on GIS activities and its impact on agricultural research and development began at the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BRAC) auditorium, Dhaka yesterday....
  • Asian Farmers Moving to Give Up the Plow
    A major agricultural transformation is sweeping across Asia's breadbasket regions, scientists announced Tuesday. The move toward low till agriculture could help chart a course toward more ecologically friendly, higher producing, cost effective agriculture among all groups of farmers in Asia, the researchers said.
  • Researchers discover farming methods ineffective in improving biodiversity
    Twenty years of farming methods believed to be environmentally friendly have actually led to a decrease in wildlife and plant diversity, a study conducted in the Netherlands found.
  • Conservation Agriculture Called Next Green Revolution
    Intensive land cultivation methods using tractors and plows are a major cause of severe soil loss and land degradation in many developing countries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said Monday. If farmers applied ecologically sound cultivation, millions of hectares of agricultural land could be protected or saved from degradation and erosion, the organization said.


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