Other Info. on Agriculture


Pesticide management

Post-harvest operations

Agricultural marketing

Animal feed safety

Transboundary diseases

Plant science and production

Spuds-L is a discussion and document distribution forum aimed at developing manuscripts for FAO/IPGRI guidelines for the safe movement of potato germplasm.

Plant protection

Cyber-Pest-L is a forum for pest management knowledge workers to participate in discussion to explore the establishment of a virtual workgroup on pest information.
PlantVirus-L enables plant virologists to discuss the development of an Internet/www database on plant virus diseases.

Postharvest technology

INPhO-L shares information on upcoming events and improvements in post-harvest systems, helps find answers to specific problems.
StoredFood-L, conference on traditional methodologies of stored product protection, with emphasis on use of spices and medicinal plants.

Animal science, production and health

EMPRES-Livestock-L disseminates transboundary animal disease information, fosters interaction among subscribers on rinderpest and other diseases.
PAAT-L will assist in development of the Programme against African trypanosomiasis information system

Agricultural machinery and engineering

CIGR-FAO global network on agricultural engineering. Consists of six discussion groups, focused on land and water use, farm equipment and structures, equipment engineering, rural electricity and other energy sources, systems engineering, and processing.

Natural resources and environment

Land-and-Water-L, an electronic newsletter on activities, publications and meetings. Subscription details.
BASMGT-L, a conference on concepts and practice in river basin management, aimed at developing guidelines.

Economics and development

Land-and-Water-L, electronic newsletter on AG activities, publications and meetings related to land & water development. Subscription details.
FSDnews-L is a monthly electronic newsletter by and for farming systems development practitioners.



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