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Ten Worst Catastrophes in Terms of Victims 1970- 2004

Ten Worst Catastrophes in Terms of Victims 1970- 2004

  1. November 14,1970: Storm and Floods,Bangladesh (300,000)

  2. December 26,2004: Seaquake(M 9.0),tsunamis,Indian
    Ocean- Indonesia,Thailand,etc.(280,000)

  3. July 28,1976:Tangshan Earthquake(M 7.7),China (255,000)

  4. April 29,1991:TropicalCyclone Gorky,Bangladesh (138,000)

  5. May 31,1970:Earthquake (M 7.7),Rock Slides, Peru (66,000)

  6. June 21,1990:Earthquake (M 7.7),Landslides, Iran (50,000)

  7. December 26,2003: Earthquake (M 6.5),destroys 85 per cent of Bam,Iran(26,271)

  8. September16,1978:Earthquake(M 7.7)in Tabas,Iran (25,000)

  9. December 7,1988:Armenia Earthquake,Armenia,ex-USSR (25,000)

  10. November 13,1985:Volcanic Eruption on Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia(23,000)

Source: The 40 worst catastrophes in terms of victims 1970 2004, (accessed: April 2, 2005).


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