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Floods 2004

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Top 10 Natural Disasters in Bangladesh

Top 10 Natural Disasters in Bangladesh
sorted by numbers of people killed and affected
Disaster Date Killed
Famine 1943 1,900,000
Epidemic 1918 393,000
Wind Storm 12-Nov-1970 300,000
Wind Storm 30-Apr-1991 138,866
Wind Storm Oct-1942 61,000
Wind Storm 11-May-1965 36,000
Flood Jul-1974 28,700
Wind Storm Jun-1965 12,047
Wind Storm 28-May-1963 11,500
Wind Storm 9-May-1961 11,000
Disaster Date Affected
Flood 22-Jul-1987 73,000,000
Flood Aug-1988 73,000,000
Flood Jul-1974 38,000,000
Flood May-1984 30,000,000
Drought 5-Jul-1983 20,000,000
Flood Jul-1968 15,889,616
Wind Storm 11-May-1965 15,600,000
Wind Storm 30-Apr-1991 15,438,849
Flood 8-Jul-1998 15,000,050
Flood 15-Jun-1995 12,656,006
Created on: Aug-1-2004. - Data version: v07.04


Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database,
www.em-dat.net - Université catholique de Louvain - Brussels - Belgium"


For some natural disasters (particularly floods and droughts) there is no exact day or month for the event, and for other disasters (particularly pre-1974) the available record of the disaster does not provide an exact day or month.



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