Dengue the Deadly Killer

Government statistics put the latest figure of afflicted at 1,227 with 16 among them having died. Children have proved to be the most vulnerable group. Monsoon which is the high risk season is not even half-way through. So, the worries deepen.


Dengue Out Break History:

1780: First Dengue epidemic in Philadelphia described by 'Rush'.

1897 : Death occurred during dengue epidemic in Australia.

1928: Death occurred during epidemics were reported in Louisiana.

1950 : Epidemic DHF first appeared in South East Asia.

1953: DHF was first recognized in Philippines.

1958: Epidemic in Thailand.

1963: Epidemic for first  time in India.

1964: Dengue epidemic first occurred in Bangladesh.

1970: DHF reported in Myanmar.

1980s: Epidemic in India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

1981: Out Break in more severe form of DHF in Cuba.

1985: A series of epidemic in China and Maldives.

1986: A 2nd out break at Texas.

1988: Epidemic reported in New Caledonia

1989: Epidemic in Sri Lanka and Tahiti.

1990:  A large out break in Venezuela.

1994: DHF epidemic in Pakistan.

19972-b  : DF is present in Chittagong city, Bangladesh.

19992-c : Few death cases were reported in DHF in Bangladesh.

20002-d : Currently an epidemic of DHF has been reported in Bangladesh.

NO. of Cases of DF & DHF2-e 

1956 - 1980  15,47, 760
1981 - 1985 13,04,305
1986 - 1990 17,76,140
1991 - 1995 17,04,050


Disclaimer: All information shown here are from different sources. The SDNP is not responsible for any inaccuracy in them.

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