Vision 21, core document

The Essence of Vision 21 - Table of Contents
This is the core document of “Vision 21: Water for the People”, as it is presented before the World Water Forum in The Hague, Netherlands, on 13 March 2000.

Below it the table of contents, linking directly to introductory chapters. The complete document can be downloaded as a PDF file (1.8MB). More information about PDF files.

The Essence of Vision 21
The four decisive components which determine the VISION 21 approach are:

Building on people's energy and creativity at all levels, requiring empowerment and building the capacity of people in households and communities to take action, and applying technologies that respond to actual needs.
Holistic approach, acknowledging hygiene, water and sanitation as a human right, and relating it to human development, the elimination of poverty, environmental sustainability and the integrated management of water resources.
Committed and compassionate leadership and good governance, changing long-accustomed roles, leading to new responsibilities of authorities and institutions to support households and communities in the management of their hygiene, water and sanitation, and in being accountable to users as clients.
Synergy among all partners, encouraging shared commitment among users, politicians and professionals; requiring professionals within the water and sanitation sector to combine technical expertise with an ability to work with users and politicians and with the sectors of health, education, environment, community development and food.
Table of Contents
Vision 21: The Origin and its Purpose 
Executive Summary 
A Vision of the World in the Year 2025 
Vision 21 
The Core Points of Vision 21 
Achieving Vision 21 
Setting Targets and Indicators and Monitoring Achievements 
Framework For Action
Annex 1 Situation in Regions of the World 
Annex 2 Regional Visions 
Annex 3 The Organisation of the Vision 21 
Annex 4 Countries Participating in the Social Mobilisation Process 
Annex 5 The Knowledge Synthesis Papers 
Annex 6 Regional and National Report 
Annex 7 Vision 21 Ambassadors 
Milestones of Consensus

Download the complete documents as a PDF file (1.8MB). Source: IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.



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