Dams And Development:
A New Framework for Decision-Making

The World Commission on Dams


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  • The complete report (without annexes) PDF (7,159k)
  • The annexes PDF (990k)

Download smaller sections:

Introductory Pages - PDF (823k)
Chair’s Preface
Commissioners’ Foreword
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Boxes
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Executive Summary - PDF (142k)

Chapter 1: Water, Development and Large Dams - PDF (1,358k)
Water and Development
Development and Large Dams
Large Dams as Instruments of Development
Problems Associated with Large Dams
Understanding the Large Dams Debate
Fulfilling the WCD Mandate – Process and Methodology


Chapter 2: Technical, Financial and Economic Performance - PDF (603k)
Structure and Methodology
Construction Costs and Schedules
Irrigation Dams
Hydropower Dams
Water Supply Dams
Flood Control Dams
Multi-Purpose Dams
Physical Sustainability Issues
Findings and Lessons

Chapter 3: Ecosystems and Large Dams: Environmental Performance - PDF (571k)
Terresterial Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Downstream Aquatic Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Floodplain Ecosystems
Ecosystem Enhancement
Cumulative Impacts
Anticipating and Responding to Ecosystem Impacts
Findings and Lessons

Chapter 4: People and Large Dams: Social Performance - PDF (914k)
Socio-Economic Impacts through the Project and Planning Cycle
Displacement of People and Livelihoods
Indigenous Peoples
Downstream Livelihoods
Cultural Heritage
Human Health
Equity and the Distribution of Costs and Benefits
Findings and Lessons

Chapter 5: Options for Water and Energy Resources - PDF (621k)
Agriculture and Irrigation
Energy and Electricity
Water Supply
Integrated Flood Management
Findings and Lessons

Chapter 6: Decision-Making, Planning and Institutions - PDF (419k)
Decision-Making and the Political Economy of Large Dams
Role of Foreign Assistance
Planning and Evaluation
Findings and Lessons


Chapter 7: Enhancing Human Development: Rights, Risks and Negotiated Outcomes - PDF (417k)
From Global Review to Future Practise
Sustainable Human Development – A Global Framework
Trends and Challenges in Applying the New Development Framework
Rights and Risks – an Improved Tool for Decision-Making
Negotiated Agreements on the Basis of Rights and Risks

Chapter 8: Strategic Priorities – A New Policy Framework for the Development of Water and Energy Resources - PDF (687k)
Gaining Public Acceptance
Comprehensive Options Assessment
Addressing Existing Dams
Sustaining Rivers and Livelihoods
Recognising Entitlements and Sharing Benefits
Ensuring Compliance
Sharing Rivers for Peace, Development and Security

Chapter 9: Criteria and Guidelines – Applying the Strategic Priorities - PDF (507k)
Five Key Decision Points: The WCD Criteria
A Special Case: Dams in the Pipeline
A Set of Guidelines for Good Practice

Chapter 10: Beyond the Commission- An Agenda for Change - PDF (150k)
Strategic Entry Points for Follow-up
Taking the Initiative – Institutional Responses
Continuing the Dialogue
A Call to Action

A Comment - Medha Patkar - PDF (86k)

I Bibliography PDF (124k)
II Glossary PDF (125k)
III WCD Work Programme – Approach and Methodology PDF (128k)
IV Reports in the WCD Knowledge Base PDF (131k)
V Dams, Water and Energy – A Statistical Profile PDF (196k)
VI United Nations Declarations PDF (153k)
VII Members of the World Commission on Dams PDF (118k)
VIII A Profile of the WCD Secretariat PDF (60k)

INDEX - PDF (80k)

Inter-chapter photocollages from the book - PDF (3,507k)

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