22.1 SPORTS

 22.1.1 Sports is considered as one of the major elements for development of discipline, physical and mental health and moral character of a nation. It helps to build up citizens with a sense of participation enriched with national awareness and self-confidence. These qualities are required for achieving the desired goals and objectives both in individual and national spheres. With the spirit of total human resource development the public sector support in the field of sports will be extended and intensified in the Fifth Plan period.


22.2 Review of Past Plans


22.2.1 The First Plan laid the foundation for development of essential elements of physical education. During the Plan period development projects were undertaken mostly for repair and renovation of existing sports facilities to make them functional and creation of new physical facilities in the country. In this Plan period the incomplete work of National Stadium-1 in Dhaka with installation of flood light, construction works of Women Sports Complex in Dhaka, Mohammed Ali Boxing Stadium, Volley Ball Stadium and Basket Ball gymnasium attached to National Stadium-1 were taken up. These projects were completed during the Two Year Plan (1978-80).


22.2.2 During the Second Plan some measures were adopted for qualitative improvement as well as for quantitative expansion. During this period 14 gymnasium-cum-coaching centres at district headquarters and a National Tennis Complex at Dhaka were built. In addition 33 sub-divisional stadia were made functional in this Plan. Construction of stadia at Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna divisional headquarters and Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan (BKSP) were started during the Plan period.


22.2.3 During the Third Plan construction of 6 gymnasium-cum-coaching centres at district headquarters, National Stadium-2 with flood light and shifting of 7 clubs from National Stadium-1 area to other places (Motijheel) were completed. In addition, two physical colleges at Dhaka and Rajshahi were undertaken and completed during this plan period. Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan (BKSP) started its krira college and completed creation of further infrastructural facilities. Besides, some training programmes for coaches and players were also organised.


22.2.4 During the Fourth Plan measures were adopted for further qualitative improvement and development of sports and games. Projects taken up for infrastructure development included further development of 52 district stadia, construction of one international standard swimming pool and indoor stadium, vertical extension of Hockey Stadium with synthetic turf, laying of synthetic athletic tracks in national Stadium-2, modernisation of Gulshan shooting range in Dhaka and development of tennis complexes in Dhaka and Rajshahi. During the Plan period, the third phase of Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan (BKSP) was completed at a cost of Tk.150.00 million. For qualitative improvement some training programmes for players and coaches in different games were organised. The 6th SAF games were organised successfully in Dhaka during this Plan.


22.2.5 During the First, Second, Third and Fourth Plans, under different training and coaching programmes for qualitative development in all the recognised games, 3,960 players and 3,216 referees, umpires, judges and sports organisers were given training. Nearly 900 coaches were given special training in different games and sports both at national and district levels. Sports gears were distributed to 3,550 youths and sports clubs and sports competitions for the children of 12-16 years age group from the thana to the national level were organised.


22.3 Resource Allocation and Utilisation During Fourth Plan


22.3.1 During the Fourth Plan, an amount of Tk.760.00 million was allocated for 28 development projects. Tk.976.89 million was spent and 20 projects were completed. Eight projects could not be completed and were spilled over.


22.4 Two Years between Fourth and Fifth Five Year Plans(1995-97)


22.4.1 During 1995-97, 21 projects were undertaken, of which 13 projects were spilled over from the Fourth Plan. An amount of Tk.187.50 million was allocated for 1995/96 against which Tk.192.31 million was spent upto June '96. The allocation for 1996/97 was Tk.373.9 million. All these projects spilled over to the Fifth Plan involving an amount of Tk. 2,500 million.


22.5 Issues and Constraints Related to Previous Plan Implementation


22.5.1 As was experienced in the course of the past plan periods, the following stood on the way of aspired expansion in the field of sports:


a. inadequate financial allocation in the ADPs;

b. unusual delay in land acquisition process;

c. insufficient manpower in the project executing agencies;

d. lack of trained and skilled technical and specialised hands;

e. lack of proper monitoring and evaluation of development projects; and

f. inadequate support from the local government bodies and communities.


22.6 Fifth Plan (1997-2002)


22.6.1 Objectives: The objectives of the sports sub-sector during the Fifth Plan are:


a. completion of all on-going works of stadia and sports complexes at the divisional and district levels;

b. construction of an international standard cricket stadium in Dhaka;

c. encouraging wider participation of women in sports activities;

d. providing adequate coaching and training facilities for sportsmen and sportswomen;

e. creation of physical facilities in sports at union and thana levels;

f. generation of more interest among masses, specially those in rural areas for participation in indigenous and less costly games;

g. holding major 'international sports meets' in the country to raise the standard of our sportsmen by participating in these meets;

h. giving maximum emphasis on sports activities ensuring best utilisation of available sports facilities/infrastructures;

i. training up children in sports from the nursery level and making physical education and sports integral parts of educational curricula at all levels ;

j. raising the standard of coaching in different games in the country ;

k. strengthening physical education facilities in the educational institutions;

l. encouraging production of adequate sports equipment in the country; and

m. supporting private sector's participation in promotion of sports and physical education.


22.6.2 Strategies: In order to achieve the objectives of the Fifth Plan the following will be the strategic elements:


a. measures will be taken up for the development of some selected indigenous, economic games for wider mass participation, especially in the rural areas;

b. provision will be made to encourage and ensure participation of women in all areas of sports and games;

c. existing physical facilities will be repaired, renovated and expanded to ensure their best utilisation;

d. more women sports centres in all divisional towns will be constructed to facilitate their participation;

e. training and workshop will be organised regularly at the national, divisional and district levels and arrangement will be made for publication of books, journals, etc., on national and international sports and games;

f. different national sports federations will regularly hold national, zonal and regional competitions; private organisations will be encouraged for the purpose;

g. sports talents, both male and female, from the younger groups will be identified and intensive training will be provided to them;

h. development of sports facilities at union and thana levels by developing at least one existing play ground in every union of the country and construction of 'Thana Sports Complex' at every thana centres will be undertaken;

i. intensive training will be provided in selected games;

j. a cricket stadium of international standard with modern facilities will be established in Dhaka city;

k. development of standard physical facilities in the existing sports complex of Dhaka city for holding regional/sub-international meets, namely, Asian Games, SAF Games, etc. will be undertaken;

l. coaching programmes will be organised through Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan (BKSP) to train players of the national teams;

m. existing colleges of physical education will be strengthened and more colleges of physical education will be established;

n. Sports Science Department of BKSP will offer degree/diploma courses in sports and provide scientific sports training to students of BKSP, players, coaches, etc;

o. participation in games and sports and attainment of a set standard in at least one recognised athletics or games will be required in all educational institutions at all levels;

p. sports gears will be distributed to facilitate sports activities in the country, especially in the rural areas; and

q. local government bodies will be involved in sports activities to complement the national efforts.


22.6.3 Programmes to be undertaken during Fifth Plan


a. Development of BKSP: Newly created Sports Science Department of BKSP will be strengthened with facilities and manpower. Functional branches of BKSP will be established at the divisional levels and existing coaches of BKSP will be provided higher training abroad.

b. Expansion of facilities of physical education: More physical education colleges will be established in the country including one at Barisal division and one at Sylhet division with the required facilities for women during the Plan period.

c. Development of stadia at divisional and district towns: During the Plan period development works of all stadia at the divisional and district levels will be completed. Besides, an international standard cricket stadium will be constructed in Dhaka City.

d. Development of sports facilities for women: Development projects for construction of three women sports complexes, one each at Rajshahi, Chittagong and Khulna divisional headquarters, are under implementation. New projects for construction of women sports complexes at Barisal and Sylhet divisional headquarters will be undertaken.

e. Development of play grounds at union levels and thana sports complexes: During the Plan period at least one play ground in each union of the country will be developed. Besides, in each thana, one sports complex and a gymnasium-cum-coaching centre will be constructed.

f. Construction of swimming pool shooting range tennis complex etc.: During the Plan period, all necessary steps will be taken to construct swimming pools at the division and district levels and international standard shooting ranges at the division levels. Similarly, tennis complexes will be set up at all divisional towns/cities.

g. Training and other facilities: Intensive training programmes in different games and sports will be carried out for both male and female players as well as coaches at the national and regional levels. Emphasis will be given on swimming, shooting, football, cricket, hockey, athletics, volleyball, handball and table tennis, etc. To facilitate sports activities in the country, sports gears will be distributed free of cost to recognised schools and colleges, youth and sports clubs, etc. In the process, special attention will be given to the rural areas.


22.7 Role of Local Government for Sports Development


22.7.1 In order to ensure mass participation in sports development activities, local government bodies at the district, thana and union levels will be utilised effectively and efficiently. These bodies will be encouraged to mobilise people’s participation in sports and games throughout the country.