Abbreviations Used


ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite
ADP Annual Development Programme
AEZ Agro-Ecological Zone
AMSS Automatic Message Switching System
APD Academy for Planning and Development
ARIs Agricultural Research Institutes
ASA Association for Social Advancement
ATC Agricultural Technical Committee
ATDP Agrobased Technology Development Project
ATI Agricultural Training Institute
BADC Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
BAEC Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission
BaNINet Bangladesh National Information Network
BANSDOC Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre
BARC Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
BARD Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development
BARI Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
BASC Bangladesh Administrative Staff College
BAU Bangladesh Agricultural University
BB Bangladesh Bank
BBS Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BCC Bangladesh Computer Council
BCIC Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
BCS Bangladesh Civil Service
BCSIR Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
BDR Bangladesh Rifles
BEP Bangladesh Environment Project
BEPZA Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority
BFIDC Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation
BFPA Bangladesh Family Planning Association
BFS Bangladesh Fertility Survey
BG Broad Gauge
BGMEA Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association
BHB Bangladesh Handloom Board
BIAM Bangladesh Institute of Administrative Management
BIDS Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
BIM Bangladesh Institute of Management
BIMT Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology
BIRPERT Bangladesh Institute of Research for Promotion of Essential Reproductive Health and Technologies
BIRTAN Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition
BIT Bangladesh Institutes of Technology
BITAC Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre
BIWTA Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
BIWTC Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation
BJMC Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
BJRI Bangladesh Jute Research Institute
BKB Bangladesh Krishi Bank
BKSP Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan
BMB Bangabandhu Multipurpose Bridge
BMET Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training
BMRE Balancing Modernisation Rehabilitation and Expansion
BMTF Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory
BNCC Bangladesh National Cadet Corps
BNCS Bangladesh National Conservancy Strategy
BOESL Bangladesh Overseas Employment Service Ltd.
BOI Board of Investment
BOO Build Operate and Own
BOT Build Operate and Transfer
BOU Bangladesh Open University
BPC Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation
BPDB Bangladesh Power Development Board
BPI Bangladesh Petroleum Institute
BPS Bits per Second
BR Bangladesh Railway
BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
BRDB Bangladesh Rural Development Board
BRRI Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
BRTA Bangladesh Road Transport Authority
BSB Bangladesh Shilpa Bank
BSBL Bangladesh Samabaya Bank Ltd.
BSC Bangladesh Shipping Corporation
BSCIC Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation
BSRS Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Shangstha
BSRTI Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training Institute
BSTI Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute
BTA Border Trade Arrangement