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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

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A lively discussion for a modest Celebration

Centre for Asian Arts and Culture turns one year old

Culture Desk, The Daily Star

An anniversary was celebrated in a modest way on the wet evening of August 3, 2002 by Centre for Asian Arts and Culture at the auditorium of "Bishya Shahitya Kendra". Fervent speeches were delivered and certificates were distributed to students who took part in foundation courses on portrait photography and painting appreciation. A discussion coincided with the certificate giving ceremony, which actually mirrored the ideal with which the Asio Shilpo Ebong Songskriti Shobha began a year ago.

The members of the organization formed it a year back with a vision to nurture and patronize culture. The discussion organized at its anniversary clearly points out that the organization is keen on painting, photography and literature. This organization also appeared sincere in its dedication to the upbeat things of life, with discussions that included politics and economy.

The enthusiasm among the students for things like philosophy and art seemed almost unprofitable from the economical point of view, but the way they were into it made a point; they had a sincere love for these things, which we know as art and literature, and their feelings were inherent and intrinsic. Authorities like Nasir Ali Mamun and Moinuddin Khaled who have excelled in their respective fields conducted the courses. Mamun's portrait making of celebrities of Bangladesh by snaps has produced an ever-expanding archive that was rich in collection and resourceful in possession. In his speech he uncovered the technique which had been a photographer's treasure of capturing the interest of laymen. 'Camera is very useful, try to use it as ingeniously as you can' said the photographer in a pedantic manner claiming that a certificate is not really necessary to be a good cameraperson.

Moinuddin Khaled added that a certificate could be a useful document too though nowadays false certificates were not rare. 'The students were eager to learn' added the famous art-critic while complaining about the lack of resources that is needed to help build a good art critic. He also said, 'as there is no gallery where famous works of art can be exhibited to art lovers '. He complained that the National Museum has not produced periodicals which could have been resourceful journals for people interested in art and literature.

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