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Saturday, August 17, 2002

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News Brief, Summary of more than 20 leading Bangla & English Dailies, Source : News Garden

Saturday, August 17, 2002


As dengue continued to create panic in the city, hospitals were hard pressed for accommodation and refused admission to many yesterday.

 Opposition leader Sheikh Hasina yesterday called for waging a mass movement to unseat what she called heavy-handed BNP-Jamaat regime. It needs a mass upsurge to oust this repressive regime and rid the nation of a suffocating rule imposed on the people since the October 1 election, she said in the wayside rallies on her journey to way to her home constituency Gopalganj.

Awami League will hold a public meeting at Paltan Maidan Sunday afternoon to demand execution of the court verdict awarding death sentences to the "killers" of Bangabandhu.

A Director of T&T  was  made principal accused and some other outside mastans as co-accused in a murder case filed yesterday in connection with the killing of  three madrasa students in malibagh  on Thursday.

 Some local traders and influential people instigated madrassah students and devotees to "reopen" an entry to a mosque at Malibagh, which caused Thursday's clashes leaving four persons shot dead, people of the locality alleged.

Hundreds of devotees of various Islamic organisations held rallies and organised processions to condemn the killing of Madrassah students at Malibag on Thursday as the Ansars on duty were closed and the Director General of Ansar ordered an official probe.

Over 4,500 women and children were raped across the country in 2001, providing clear evidence that the tough law enacted with a provision of capital punishment to deal with the rapists could not check the heinous crime. Of the total rape victims, 141 were gangraped while 95 killed after rape, according to a study conducted by the News Network.

 The government eyes at least three billion US dollars in remittance in the current fiscal. Given the current flow, it is expected the remittance earning will top three billion US dollars during this fiscal, The Daily Star reports.

 Three dimensional computer games, developed for the first time in the country, was presented in a software exhibition held at a computer training institute in Rajshahi yesterday.

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With tensions between India and Pakistan showing no sign of easing, New Delhi announces it will boost its military might by adding a nuclear-capable missile as well as new helicopters and tanks to its arsenal.

India has set up a military base in Central Asia as global competition for access to the oil and gas-rich region intensifies, according to military and diplomatic sources. The base, set up at Farkhor in Tajikistan, close to Afghanistan's border, is the first such Indian military facility outside India and has been quietly operational since May, reports Times of India.

 An Indian Air Force helicopter crashed in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday, killing two pilots on board. According to official spokesman, the  Air Force chopper was on a routine sortie in Siachen sector. The 6,100 m high Siachen glacier in north Kashmir bordering China  is described as the world's highest battleground.

 Pakistan's Election Commission on Friday announced the schedule for the October 10 general election and said a poll for the upper house of parliament, the Senate, would be held on November 12.

 Early elections will not take place this year in the Indian state of Gujarat which was rocked by widespread religious rioting in February.

Indian Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and an influential figure in the ruling BJP, Pramod Mahajan, has denied accusations that he was involved with a journalist who was murdered three years ago  describing the allegations as "absurd".

 A huge wall of mud and rock slammed into villages in southwest China, probably killing 67 people in the second deadly landslide to strike the area this week, officials and state media said on Friday.

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West Nile virus infection, the mosquito-borne illness now spreading across the US, could be transmitted through blood transfusions, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report.

 Dresden residents grabbed what they could and fled for higher ground Friday as the Elbe River rose to record levels, engulfing one neighborhood after another and forcing workers to abandon some efforts to save the city's world-famous cultural landmarks.

The acquittal of six Indonesian military commanders accused of inciting a wave of militia violence in East Timor three years ago has triggered a growing storm of protest from human rights groups, diplomats and politicians.

Iraq has written to the United Nations saying that Baghdad wants further discussions before allowing weapons inspectors back into the country. However Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has urged the United States not to delay its threatened strike on Iraq any further.

 Three prominent members of the Saudi royal family are targeted in a lawsuit filed Thursday for their role in financing international terrorism and al-Qaida specifically -- accusations that put the Wahhabi kingdom's feet to the fire.

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Mohammedan Sporting Club (MSC) managed a 1-0 goal victory over Arambagh Krira Sangha in a muddy ground to keep their unbeaten run in the NBL Premier Division Football League in the city Friday.

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