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Thursday, July 10, 2003

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Thursday, July 10, 2003


About 600 people were feared drowned when an overcrowded launch capsized after being sucked into a whirlpool in the Meghna at Chandpur on Tuesday night and rescue operations could not be launched because of fierce currents in the river.

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia told the Jatiya Sangsad yesterday that the government had not made up its mind as yet on gas export but expert committees recommended limited sale.

The main opposition Awami League (AL) yesterday blamed the government for hatching a conspiracy to keep the opposition away from parliament, Opposition Chief Whip Abdus Shahid alleged.

Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman leaves for Washington today on a three-week visit to meet president of the World Bank and senior officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Lawyers yesterday demanded of the government to withdraw the provision of mandatory submission of income tax return for them. Terming the decision 'irrational' and 'discriminatory', Bangladesh Bar Council leaders said the decision will affect young lawyers as in most of the time they do not earn
taxable income.

Flood situation in six northern districts sharply deteriorated submerging fresh areas yesterday as the Brahmaputra swelled further due to torrential rains and onrush of waters from across the border

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Senior foreign ministry officials from the seven-nation South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation (SAARC) are meeting in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, to try to revive co-operation between the countries.

With its parliamentary polls only a year away India seems to have begun anew its usual anti- Bangladesh propaganda with baseless allegations that Bangladesh's soil is being used by at least 80 militant training camps run by the so called "rabidly anti-India Islamic militant organisations."

A court in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province has sentenced a journalist to life imprisonment for blasphemy. Munawar Mohsin, a sub-editor at the Frontier Post newspaper was convicted of publishing a blasphemous letter in its issue on  January 29, 2001 that led to violent protests across the country.

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Chechen rebels ambushed a Russian military convoy on Wednesday, killing two troops, while skirmishes throughout the region claimed the lives of another nine servicemen and police, an official said.

US President George W. Bush said Wednesday he was "absolutely confident" he made the right decision to invade Iraq, despite White House admissions he overstated its efforts to obtain uranium. "There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world peace and there is no doubt in my mind the United States along with our allies and friends did the right thing in removing him from power," Bush said. "I am absolutely confident in the decision I made," he said.

Defending the war against Iraq, the Bush administration said Wednesday that information on Saddam Hussein's alleged illicit weapons programs was solid even though one of President Bush's claims was based on a forgery.

The publisher of a Chicago-based Arabic newspaper, Khaled Abdel-Latif Dumeisi, 60,  was arrested Wednesday on charges of secretly gathering information on Iraqi opposition figures as an agent of Saddam Hussein's intelligence service

Hundreds of Iranian hardline Islamic vigilantes, police and pro-democracy youths fought sporadic street battles near Tehran University on Wednesday, the anniversary of violent 1999 student unrest.

Geniuses and criminals may not seem to have much in common but they both do their best work in their 30s -- and mainly to impress the opposite sex, according to a British weekly magazine New Scientist report- Creative genius and crime express themselves early in men but both are turned off almost like a tap if a man gets married and has children, a study says.

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On the eve of Bangladesh's warm up match against the Northern Territory's Chief Minister's XI in  he Australian northern territory of Darwin, expectations are high from both sides. For Chief Minister Clare Martin it is a dream come true.

Bangladesh Football Federation has launched the First Dhaka Metropolis Inter-School Soccer Tournament from today.

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