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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Addressing the closing sitting  of budget session of  the Jatiya Sangsad yesterday Prime Minister Khaleda Zia called upon the main opposition Awami League to pursue a healthy political course and return to parliament for the sake of democracy and national interest.

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia called on India to take steps to reduce a huge trade imbalance in order to improve ties between the two neighbours.

The Indo-Bangla Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting held in Dhaka was, however,  unable to overcome the basic hurdles to Dhaka's demand for free access of its products and New Delhi's transit facility.

The Visiting Foreign Minister of India, Yashwant Sinha, met with the Leader of Opposition Sheikh Hasina at her Dhanmondi residence yesterday evening.
In a rare decision, an Appellate Board of RAJUK on Monday ordered the dismantling of an unauthorised commercial building on a residential plot in Dhanmondi by August 15 this year

All major rivers continued to swell, swamping more villages in the northern and central regions and affecting about three million people in 23 districts of Bangladesh.

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A South Asian meet of Revolutionary Internationalism Movement (RIM) held in guerrilla-dominated area of India has endorsed slogans supporting Nepali Maoists' "people's war", Nepal Samcharpatra reported Tuesday. A post-conference statement of South Asian Maoist revolutionaries said, "people's war in Nepal has challenged not only Nepali rulers, but also the Indian expansionism and American imperialism."

Bhutan Communist Party-MLM has been launched and participated in a meeting of revolutionary communist parties and organizations somewhere in Chattishgadh, Orissa, Jharkhand special areas in India this month.

The surrender of Singu Chandrakala, alias Bharatakka, a district committee member of CPI-ML People's War (PW), has ended the era of women leadership among the Naxals in northern Telangana region of India. Bharatakka surrendered before the police in Hyderabad on Monday.

A military court in Nepal  has sentenced a soldier to a seven -year prison term for the murder of a father and son in mid-December at Kohili village in Bardia during an operation against the rebels.

Floods, landslides and lightning have killed 67 persons in 30 out of the kingdom's 75 districts since June 15, the Home Ministry said Monday.Thirty-one others have been injured and nine are missing from the beginning of the monsoon. Natural disasters have left behind Rs.25 million in damage.

Government has set a side Rs.25 million this year for relief for victims of the disaster The pilot and co-pilot of an Indian airforce MiG-21 died after their plane crashed at a military airport in occupied Kashmir, an army pokesman said today. The dead were identified as trainer Wing Commander R. Rastogi and trainee Flight Lieutenant Dinesh.

Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf Tuesday urged the Muslim Ummah to adopt a path of "enlightened moderation" to achieve progress and called for revitalizing the OIC to enable it to effectively address the issues facing the Islamic world. "We have to realistically assess our current
state and chart a future course for our well being and progress towards regaining past glory," he said while addressing a gathering of Tunisian dignitaries and opinion makers.

Both houses of the United States Congress have now voted in favour of imposing economic sanctions on Burma. It follows the arrest in May by the Burmese military authorities of the pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

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US Democrats renewed calls Tuesday for an investigation into the Bush administration's handling of prewar  intelligence on Iraq's weapons programs, some of which turned out to be bogus.

Across the USA, troops fresh from the Iraq war are learning another meaning for the U.S. doctrine of pre-emption. They're checking into medical facilities to follow new Pentagon orders: Give a blood sample and answer a long questionnaire on your health and Iraq service. The information is designed to speed the diagnosis and treatment of any new outbreaks of the mysterious symptoms still afflicting tens of thousands of Persian Gulf War veterans.

The convening in Baghdad of the Governing Council represents a first step towards restoring Iraq's national independence, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) said Tuesday. Secretary General Abdulwahid Belkeziz called for the "expeditious" establishment of an Iraqi government "which will define and implement a policy for the country in conformity with the interests and national unity of the Iraqi people."

Young women who eat more red meat and full-fat dairy products such as cheese may be raising their risk of breast cancer, researchers reported on Tuesday.

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Olympic 400metres champion Cathy Freeman has retired from athletics. Last month Freeman indicated that she would compete in the 4x400m relay at the World Championships in Paris.

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