Workshop on
A National Strategy for Economic Growth and
Poverty Reduction: Bangladesh (I-PRSP)
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Where is donors' support, asks Saifur

Donors slow response to extend financial suport to bolster country's development process annoyed Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman.

"We've achieved certain achievements in preparing the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP). But where is support?" "Saifur said in exasperation.

"Saifur was speaking at a BIDS workshop on Wednesday titled "A National Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: Bangladesh (I-PRSP)" in the city.

Not only Bangladesh, but some 37 countries around the world prepared such I-PRSP, he said.

While reacting to the IPRSP, the minister pointed out that country's Development policies and programmes were undertaken in the light of I-PRSP.

"But the process of formulating PRSP is yet to be completed. Opinions from grass-root level people have to be incorporated. Then national level consultation has to be arranged to 'make it refined," Saifur elaborated to debunk the conception of many who consider I-PRSP a donor imposed paper.

Echoing the view of World Bank, the minister asserted that poverty reduction was the country's main objective.

"It's not what they (donors) say, but it is also our priority," Saifur said to buttress his argument.

Good governance is inevitable for the country's development," he said with the observation that no development can take place in the country unless corruption and bad governance are removed.

Saifur termed the local government as "rubbish." Censuring the local government institutions, the minister remarked this is the most wasteful institution in the country.

"There are no obligations on their part. They don't perform any duty at all," he said.

Renowned economist Dr Wahid Uddin Mahmud presided over the workshop in which a large number of economists, researchers and bureaucrats were present. IMF country Representative also attended.

Source: The New Nation


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