Solar Market Electrification Under LGED

LGED has successfully completed solar market electrification in Gangutia growth center under Sailkupa Thana in Jhenaidha district. This activity has been taken under Sustainable Rural Energy (SRE) Project implemented by LGED. The objectives of this project are to install a demonstrative plant of a centralized solar photovoltaic system for electrification of a rural market in the off-grid area and to assess its technical and economic viability in the context of rural Bangladesh. Gangutia growth center has been selected for solar electrification because of its remote location particularly when the nearest grid extension is around 7 kilometers apart. The market was previously served by a private entrepreneur using small size diesel generator of 5 KW. This is the first centralized solar PV system in Bangladesh where DC generated power has been converted to AC in order to match grid power quality. The system has the capacity to produce 1.8 KW power with daily consumption of 2000 watt hour providing electricity to 45 shops, 3 food processing small industries, one health center and one bazaar mosque.

The responsibility of operation and maintenance has been entrusted with a local NGO, Shubashati. The private entrepreneur, Mr. Azam, Ali who was providing electricity to the market earlier from a diesel generator, will act as the technical person for operation and maintenance of the system. Each consumer is paying U.4.00 per day, which is adequate to support major maintenance requirements like replacement of CFL (lamp) and battery at regular intervals. The total cost of market electrification is around Tk. 11 lacs and it was borne by SRE Project which has been conceived as a component under Sustainable Environment Management Programme (SEMP) implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) with financial support from UNDP. The successful installation of solar market electrification has created great enthusiasm and it will act as a milestone for green energy movement in the country.

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