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SDNP Bangladesh Success Stories

Infrastructure Development

  1. LAN establishment in BIDS

  2. LAN establishment in IUCN Bangladesh

  3. LAN establishment in Wasteconcern

  4. LAN establishment in Bangladesh Telemedicine Association

Internet Connectivity

  1. All 26 SEMP components are connected to SDNP server through dial up connection
  2. 30 dial connectivity to non-SIAs (Sub Implementing Agencies). Among them:

  • National Press Club (NPC),

  • Mymensingh Press Club,

  • Export Promotion Bureau,

  • Bangladesh Telemedicine Association,

  • Members of NPC,

  • Researchers of BIDS,

  • Steering Committee members, and

  • Eminent individuals.

Web site development

Publication of CD

  1. A CD was published on June 6, 2001 on the occasion of World Environment Day

Observance of National and International Days

  1. All national and international says are being observed through launching separate web folders in the following URL: International Days

Regional Nodes and Sub-nodes

  1. First regional node is going to be established in Mymensingh and this link is going to be established through radio link. For this reason, to include more partner in the information dissemination processes, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agriculture University, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute will be taken under this link. Figure 1 illustrates the connectivity between BIDS and Mymensingh while Figure-2 illustrates the connectivity inside Gazipur.

  2. It is expected to reach Bangladesh Agriculture University in Mymensingh and another stop over can be at Bhaluka Rural Electrification Board PBS2.

  3. Regional node establishment venue for Khulna and Rajshahi have been selected and by second quarter of 2002, they will be up. Figure 3 shows the regional nodes.

School Programme

  1. A collaboration programme is at hand with World Computer Exchange (WCE), USA, Federation of Education and Development, Bangladesh, Internet Society Bangladesh Chapter, Institute of Computer Management and Science to distribute 380 PCs to different schools throughout Bangladesh which are donated by WCE.
    List of Schools and location of schools

  2. Another collaboration programme is in inception stage with an Australian national contributing free PCs to schools and colleges of Bangladesh

  3. A programme will be taken with a trust in Sylhet, namely Learn Foundation to support with technical assistance for their school programme

Public Access Centres (PACs)

  1. SDNP Cyber centre is in operation at BIDS premises from July 2000

  2. SDNP Cyber centre is in operation at National Press Club from September 2000

  3. SDNP Cyber centre is going to be established within a week in Institute of Computer Management and Science

  4. Other PACs will be established in phases within the city as shown in Figure 4.

Note: Details coming soon ...


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