International workshop on "Dissemination of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Bangladesh"

Inaugurated by the Ministry of S & T, Lt. Gen. Noor Uddin Khan, PSC (Rtd.), MP (middle). Also seen in the picture from left are  BCAS Executive Director, Dr. Saleemul Huq, Secretary, MOH & PW (former Chairman PDB), Mr. Q.I.Siddique, LGED Chief Engineer, Mr. Md. Monowar Hossain Chowdhury, and BCAS Director, Dr. Atiq Rahman

As a follow up of the 3-day International workshop on "Dissemination of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Bangladesh", held on 28-30 May, 1999 at the LGED Bhaban, organized by Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in collaboration with other government, non-government and private sector organizations, a committee named "Committee for Promotion and Dissemination of Renewable Energy in Bangladesh" has been formed. The terms of reference for this committee, as the name indicates, includes all kinds of activities related to promotion and dissemination of renewable energy in his country.

Bangladesh has a plentiful supply of renewable sources of energy. These sources are biomass (including biogas and solid waste), solar energy, winel, hydro-potential, peat, tidal and wave. Since the con~entional sources will be dried up, according to experts, by the middle of this century, we will have no alternative other than renewable sources. Again, at present, biomass contributes more than two-third of the total energy consumption and this huge consumption is adversely affecting the soil fertility and environment. An immediate step is needed to arrest this trend.

A good number of organizations including BCSIR, BAEC, LGED, BCAS, Grameen Shakti, CMES, BUET. Dhaka University, Rahim Afrooz BRAC and some others are now engaged in the development and dissemination of some of the above technologies. The Ministry of Science & Technology is playing a catalytic role by providing fund and encouragement.

The fact that renewable sources of energy are destined to play a very important role in our future energy programme is not yet realized by all. It is hoped that this Newsletter will help fill up this gap to a great extent.

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